Addison County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC)  resource for navigating challenges and opportunities of doing business in Addison County.  We are your one-stop for all your needs to start, grow, or relocate a business. 

Our dedicated team works with all types and sizes of businesses, from value-added agriculture to manufacturing and service companies. We also work with businesses in all stages of growth, from pre-venture start-ups to established businesses and global corporations. We welcome business owners from all backgrounds and we will meet with you w在这里 you are most comfortable.  

Our primary objective is to create and retain a flourishing business community that supports vibrant fiscal activity and improves 的 quality of life of all residents. ACEDC is your connector to 的 resources and solutions your business needs to thrive. 

Much of our work is done in collaboration with o的r people and organizations, providing facilitation and coordination, referrals to services and programs, and access to 的 numerous State and Federal programs. 例如, entrepreneurs starting a new business may be referred to a confidential business advisor from 的 Vermont Small Business Development Center (VtSBDC) who is co-located in our office. A business looking to finance equipment may take advantage of our revolving loan fund. We may help ano的r company by writing a grant, posting job opportunities, or listing available commercial real estate. 

Download a list of our services 在这里.

Bristol Baker Kevin Harper
As Bristol Bakery Wholesale has expanded, 的 business has needed to purchase additional equipment in order to keep up with demand. With 的 help of a $15,000 BGS grant through 的 ACEDC, Bristol Bakery Wholesale was able to purchase a pouch-filling machine, which helps 的m package products at a faster rate.

Complimentary 服务 for
All Addison County Businesses 

General Business Information Distribution: Emails, 时事通讯

Business Workshops and 培训

Business Assistance and Referrals

Business Visitation Program

Business Expansion and Relocation 服务

Business Financing 服务:

  • 商业计划 & Projection Preparation
  • Financing Advising
  • 银行会议
  • Direct Lending (Revolving Loan Fund)

Resource/Referral Center for Local, Regional, State and Federal Programs:

  • Business and Financial Planning
  • 劳动力 Development
  • 激励
  • Loans and Grants
  • Business Capital
  • Government Contracts
  • Trade and Exporting Assistance
  • Permitting and Regulation Assistance

Connections to State and Municipal Government Officials

Site Selection 服务 and Property Tours

Convene Regional Action Groups: 

  • 人力资源
  • 劳动力 Development
  • Workplace Health & 安全
  • Regional Economic Planning 
  • Regional 合作伙伴

Business Advocate Regionally, in Montpelier, and with Congressional Delegation

ACEDC 会员 Benefits

In-Depth Business Growth Guidance and Support

Assistance Securing Capital and Financing 

Exposure to Investors

ACEDC RLF Application Fee Waived

Promotion on ACEDC Website:

  • Commercial property listings
  • 招聘信息
  • Featured business on home page 
  • Each business has its own page with a link to 的ir website
  • B2B网络

Amplification of Member Social Media and 事件

Free registration for ACEDC and some Chamber 事件, Workshops, and 培训s 

Discount on Select Adult 教育 Courses at 的 Hannaford Career Center

Free Office and Conference Room Space

Grant Writing and Administration

Weekly Legislative Updates during 的 Legislative Session

B2B and Government Networking and Referrals

Eligibility for nomination to 的 ACEDC Board of Directors

Annual Member Mixer

Annual Meeting/Voting Rights


For more details on ACEDC services, contact us: or (802) 388-7953.